Valentine's Poetry Festival 2005


Conversation heart
Sweet confectioned pair of words
Love, with a slight buzz.

-Marcus, 2/16/05
(Last gasp of love for this year - what's next??)



Love of my dark light,
Consuming the consciousness.
Ah, sweet slumbering!

-Alicia, 2/14/05
And there's the truth, this single-aware one just wants a normal night of sleep. *grin*



Here's my valentine's haiku cycle. Better enjoy it -- I don't know how much more I'll be able to wring from Harold this year. He's become disturbingly unresponsive to threats or bribes of late. How am I supposed to keep leverage on a fiendish dissolute imaginary dwarf?

Oort Cloud (First Impressions)

one brief encounter
reshapes this empty orbit;
nevermore the same


First Time

endless giddy fall
shape the new old splendor in
unaccustomed fire


Through the Years

ice to flame to ice
yet volatiles still boil at
your approaching warmth


Eternal Companion

time scorch'd unseen orb
brief blot 'cross a distant star
faith kept through the night


Romantic Atmosphere (Make a Wish)

a meteor flash -
even diamond burns to ash
falling dust to dust

-Dale Neibaur, 2/11/05



"Look at the sweet child!
When will you have a grandchild
for me?" "Hold that thought."

"And see how happy
they have made their little house
a home." "Hold that thought!"

"Oh, let me tell you
about this cute guy from work..."
"Just... *sigh*... hold that thought..."

"Dearie, you mustn't wait.
Marriage is a good, fine fate."
"Oh, please let this drop!

I've played the date game;
and now enjoy solitude."
"But that guy's so cute..." "!"

-Alicia Neibaur , 2/9/05



Oh, I am weary tonight. May I finally sleep well.

Late night bones aching
Winter, but warm breath drawing
Will sleep restore health?

-Marcus , 2/9/05



Romance is fleeting
Always flying from one's arms
But oh, what great joy

-Shawn Neibaur, 2/5/05


Singles awareness:
Another year spent dateless.
Pass me a soda

-Shawn, 2/5/05



I only managed one more this week.

True love.  Beyond the
Bliss and agony it yet
Persists.  Bittersweet.

-Steve, 2/2/05



Wingless flighted eye
close tight the fleeting dreamland
one moment's real prize

-Marcus , 2/2/05 (is this too obtuse?)



February thaw,
down the path in muddied boots
looking for the Spring.

-Marcus , again



Timed in roundness light
Its face full revealed faint blush
Secrets her dainties

-Marcus Vincent, 1/27/05 (revised 2/2)



So I came up with one more.  It might be construed as a reply to the first:


-Steve (1/26/05)



cerulean sky
clashes hard on white angle
hot breath in raw air

a silence so loud
my expanding consciousness
enveloping all

eyes open, aware
simplicity so profound
reminds me of you

-Doug Argyle, 1/25/05 (Dedicated to his wife Jessica)




-Steve Argyle, 1/25/05 (On a challenge from Marcus to write a 3-word haiku)



Romantic love's fine.
But much joy also come from
Friendships old and deep.

-Steve Argyle, 1/24/05



Old fire burns within,
Still bright beneath the ashes
Heaped up by long years.


Habit and Custom
Are acceptable proxies
For passion. Aren't they?


Time for romantic gestures.
Chocolate will do.

-Steve Argyle, 1/20/05



"A poem is never finished, only abandoned" -Paul Valery (quoted by Doug Argyle)