Spring Festival 2004


a prose poem, may 3

with inspiration comes restlessness
fallow designs of speculation
now are whirlwinds
causing an anxious flurry of emotion

breeding outlandish divulgence
of words hoping to capture
a musing an image an impression

disheveled like my conscious thought
seems so fragmented

yet only in this form sincere

        - Doug Argyle, 5/3/04


A New Life

Memories well up from within
Of a past so frequently hushed
By the deafening roar
Of a generally mundane existence

Here a flash of bright green eyes
Or a swollen white moon
A twinge of guilt/heartache
Or unmarred adolescent joy

There the soft subtle spell
Of the dark and quiet night
Walking and following visible breath
Toward an anxiously anticipated meeting

And the eerie calm
Of that brief moment when
Mortality seemed so willing to give me up
When I was nearly ready to go

Now as the world shakes off the slump
Of the hard and bitter chill
And awakens new life to thrive
I sometimes feel/know/long for these things

But when his deep blue hues greet me
I must forget the avidity of my soul
For things long gone
He is my new joy and pain

He is my new life

        - Doug Argyle, 4/22/04


Snow capped mountain peaks
Valleys, green from April rains
Spring is fully here

        - Adam Argyle, 4/20/04


hear spring's fervent plea:
let hope root yet again in
these our stony hearts.

        -Dale Neibaur, April 14, 2003


Bare limbs unmoved by wet breezes.
Yet while flow'ring branches heavily sway,
They already know energy's

        -Alicia Neibaur, April 8, 2003


Transition Must Take Her Course

I always forget the rain in Spring,
thinking it comes earlier or later,
but not now when the sun has finally
peeked through winter and shakes the frost
from her yellow head like a goddess bathing
in the clouds. It is like a stormy coast to the first-time
visitor expecting white beaches and water
as sweet as blue kool-aid.

I welcome the rain in Spring, prefer a stormy coast.
I want frost in the morning trees
and perspiration on the evening grass.

Bring the rain in all her gray shawls;
she is delicate purple to my sight,
and with each drop she wrings from her hair,
I know the sun will gather tomorrow
to raise up her green garden.

        -Michelle, March 26, 2003


Reach into the void
And shift possibilities:
Fallow may yet bloom.

        -Dale Neibaur, March 17, 2003


Ah! There's magic a-dance on the breeze
Wafting sweet subtle perfumes to please
May your senses delight
And your spirits take flight -
But for me 'tis all nose-drool and sneeze!

        -Dale Neibaur, March 17, 2003


Soft snow of pure white
Gives way to trees' bright, green leaves
And flow'rs of all hues.

        -Adam Argyle, March 8, 2004


A sweet temptress named April, I hear,
Comes 'round 'bout this time every year.
Your soul she'll tug on
For a while, then she's gone,
Trailing lilacs, sweet dreams, and a tear.

        -Steve Argyle, March 4, 2004


Though Punx Phil snoozes on in his den
Winter's grip soon will slip from the glen
For Saint Pat's day is near
Spring's defrosting we'll cheer
Time for priming your rhyming again!

        -Dale Neibaur, March 1, 2003


(Or, to say it another way:)

Cherry blossoms stir
The hidden, pickled poets
in vinegar hearts

        -Dale Neibaur, March 1, 2003