Halloween Poetry Festival 2002

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There once was a werewolf pup
Who wouldn't drink from a cup.
When the moon was not full,
for his teachers at school,
the best he could do was show up.

            -Adam Argyle, 10/31/02


On the Porch

Big Jack's grin was alarming, I guess,
For poor Jackie's insides were a mess.
Though the flame they lit bright
Lasted only that night
Their grand fling was a smashing success!

            -Dale Neibaur, 10/31/02 (Inspired by Thane)


October's Porch

The scarecrow stands amid leaves on the porch,
Straw stuffing sticks out like flames from a torch.
A pumpkin named Jack,
Sits silently back,
So his candle doesn't give scarecrow a scorch

            -Thane Perkins, 10/30/02


All Hallow's Eve

Trudging along dark streets in the night.
Hoping to get or give a good fright.
For sweets as a prize,
They travel in guise,
Filling doorways with sounds of delight.

            -Thane Perkins, 10/30/02


Nantucket Real Estate

There once was a house in Nantucket,
Where ghosts came for a Halloween junket.
The spirits they reveled,
'Til the home was leveled.
What a great place to kick-the-bucket.

            -Thane Perkins, 10/30/02


Life Is Made Of

There once was a boy of some fame
Whose wit would make each day a game.
Age slowed his voice with fits
Of stubbornness.  Yet it's
Clear he's loved: Harold is his name!

            -Alicia Dean, 10/30/02


Halloween Rivals

Come near ye sweet witch,
Danger threatening is a'foot:
For children now floss!

            -Alicia Dean, 10/30/02



Say, have you heard the recent lark?
It's to have limericks in the dark!
Yet all have gathered 'round,
As if ghosts and ghouls bound
All words, not one to make a mark.

            -Alicia Dean, 10/26/02


All Hallow's Eve

It seems the strangest of nights,
this night,
the night I found you
in your bed,
your eyes open
to the ceiling and
no pulse at your wrists
or neck or temples.

I have found blood in the
hallway. I have found blood on the
walls, a knife in the sink
with the dishes,
footprints on the porch,
tire tracks in the drive, skid
marks down the road.

It is the 31st.
It is 11:58 p.m.
It is the night of the full moon.
I see trees falling. I see you
in your bed surrounded
by black cats.

            -Michelle, 10/26/02



There once was a cruel witch from Khart
Who took every small slight to heart.
While she danced, curses hurl!
But slipping on a pearl
Each new spell now gave her a wart.

            -Alicia Dean, 10/26/02


Gluttony's Revenge on a Ghoul

Midnight, he 'rose from the morass.
Those pumpkins had left him quite gassed.
With a spin of great flair
He shot up in the air
Propelled by a noxious blast.

            -Marcus Vincent 19 Octobre 2002



On Hallow's Eve dark
'Twix men and dead may be love;
Magic chain-jest keep

            -Alicia Dean, 9/28/02

[Oh, dear. How did a pun sneak in? *sigh* Must be a Neibaur thing....
(i.e., last line is read "Magic changes keep")]


Homage to J.R.R.

There once a story penned Tolkein
Of goblins, and balrogs, and orc kin
Of Galadriel's fair light,
And Frodo's brave flight
From the EYE, straining hard to behold him.

            -Marcus Vincent, 9/27/02


On Sauron's Brood (alt. title: "Doh!")

In quagmires deep down in the dark
He bred those foul things with no heart
Blending malice and pain
But forgetting their brain
Its no wonder an Orc's got no spark!

            -Marcus Vincent, 9/27/02


Choir Rejection Notice

Nine high pitched wailing wraiths
Whisper breathy threats in your face.
"Oh pleasssse, let ussss join!"
"No! Now you just get goin!
"You're sopranos and we need a bass!"

            -Marcus Vincent, 9/27/02



In Salem there once was a witch
Whose eye had a very bad twitch
when she was hung
to her captors she flung
"I curse you all with an itch."

            -Adam Argyle, 9/26/02


She Meets October

Beneath September your breath
beats color.
Firm as the veins in my child's hands,
you tighten fists on limbs,
flow fire to clouds.

You cry from your maker,
dance red-yellow in rivers,
curl corners in clusters.

Your frozen stem finds
my child's fingers.

Hold to her face your splendor.

        -Michelle, 2001



Mountain windfrost burns
And kindles flame leaf to leaf;
Summer's funeral pyre.

            -Dale Neibaur, 9/25/02


Salomon Island Barbeque

Now it's Nelly's turn for cooking, and it's rude;
Her behavior is quite shocking, nearly lewd!
For she shakes and pats and tweaks
At our honored guest's fat cheeks
And it's just not right to flirt so with your food!

        -Dale Neibaur, 9/20/02


Island Loving

Oh the magic in her fingers wove a spell
And her nibbles felt delicious as you fell
But a little pile of bones
On a circle of hot stones
Will be all of you that's left to tell your tale.

        -Dale Neibaur, 9/20/02


In the Graveyard

Monster-masking dark
Half-heard cryptic noise
Shadows' shadows
And the town drunk's headstone askew.
Oh, Grandma,
How can you rest

        -Dale Neibaur, 9/19/02 (a 1977 piece recycled)



There once was a very young ghoul,
Whom everyone thought was a fool.
He had an obsession most strange,
Of singing loudly on stage,
The songs of the season called Yule.

        -Adam Argyle, 9/17/02



She was draped in diaphanous violet
A potion she urged me, "Come, try it!"
When after one swig
I turned into a pig,
I thought, hmm, perhaps I should diet.

            -Marcus Vincent, 9/16/02



In Savannah a mischievous haint
Thought frightening tourists was quaint.
"This lil' Suhthun belle
Is a nahtmare from Hell.
A Miss Goody Two-shoes Ah ain't!"

            - Steve Argyle, 9/15/02



Forward Step to Take
Will it be as True as Truth
Impression in Stone

            -Alicia Dean, 9/6/02



A saucy young ghoul from West End
Got her demonic beau to unbend.
When he gave her a ring,
She started to sing
That "Demons are a ghoul's best friend."

            -Steve Argyle, 9/4/02

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